Everyone wants to believe they are a great driver-- that the myths of distracted driving don't apply to them. The fact remains, however, that distracted driving is dangerous not only for the distracted driver him or herself-- but to other motorists and pedestrians on the road as well. Texting and Driving has become one of the biggest factors in distracting drivers across Kansas and Missouri. Despite the fact that Texting and Driving is now illegal in Kansas, motorists continue to test the odds and text away.

avoid texting while drivingAn auto accident that happened in Wichita, Kansas is the perfect example of how dangerous a driver can be if they can't look away from the texting screen. A 47 year-old man crashed into the back of a police cruiser. The rear-end collision sent the police car nearly 100 feet down the road, just barely missing the officer, who was pulled over assisting another motorist with a flat tire.  According to reports, the driver was texting at the time of the crash and was cited for being in violation.


The experienced Kansas City Auto Injury Attorneys of Roswold Law Group are concerned about the issue of texting and driving. Far too many drivers are capable enough behind the wheel, that they think a few seconds off the road can't hurt them. But it only takes a split second for a car to pull out in front of you, or stop suddenly and that few seconds off the road could be the difference in being able to react to the situation and being involved in a serious injury accident that could claim your life.


We want to encourage all motorists to practice safe and attentive driving techniques, including avoiding any and all distractions. Help keep the road safe for everyone.

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