Here we go again!  A driver led police through our Kansas City streets at high speeds before crashing into a tree at a local country club golf course Tuesday afternoon.  Police in Independence were trying to stop a driver for an accident at 23rd Street and Scott Avenue in Independence, but the driver had other ideas.  He led authorities through Kansas City, Missouri, eventually going the wrong way on 71 Highway.  He then headed west on 95th Street and crashed his truck into a tree on the golf course of Meadowbrook Country Club at 95th and Linden.  Following the crash, the driver exited the vehicle and jumped into the pond to escape, but police apprehended the suspect.

The good news is that no one was injured during this chase or the two crashes, however, police reported that the suspect was driving at high rates of speed during the pursuit as well as driving the wrong way on a busy highway.  Obviously, these two factors alone are bound to be a danger to everyone.

At Roswold Law Group, we encourage everyone to stop when asked to do so by authorities.  The trouble you think you can get out of by running is minimal compared to the predicament you put yourself into when you get caught.  As experienced Kansas City Auto Accident Attorneys we are always disturbed to hear about police chases through our Kansas City metro streets.  Chases are a danger to the suspect, authorities, and innocent bystanders that may just be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

If you are driving and see someone driving erratically, or see police in pursuit of a vehicle, get off the road as soon as possible and yield to these vehicles.

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