Reasons for motorcycle rear-end crashes Kansas City Accident Injury AttorneysA rear-end crash can be much more dangerous if a person is riding a motorcycle rather than being an occupant in a motor vehicle. Even if the car behind you is traveling at a slow speed, the motorcycle rider is still at risk for catastrophic injuries or death. One primary reason these crashes are so deadly is because of the complete lack of structural protection. Even gear such as a helmet and special biker clothing can't provide much safeguarding from the force of a larger and heavier vehicle, especially without warning.

Top 5 Reasons Drivers Cause Rear-End Motorcycle Crashes

There are many causes for rear-end motorcycle accident. In most cases, the automobile driver is assumed to be at fault, and thus responsible for compensating the rider for his injuries. Leading reasons for these accidents include:

Following too closely

All motorists in Kansas and Missouri are required to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of them so that they can slow down or stop quickly if this is necessary. This traffic law is frequently violated in a rear-end motorcycle collision.


Speeding makes it nearly impossible for a driver to avoid a collision if a motorcyclist must suddenly stop. Even at 20 mph, an individual requires a thinking distance of 20 feet—or twice as long as his vehicle—as well as a stopping distance of 60 feet. Every 10 miles over the speed limit nearly doubles the length needed to stop.

Distracted driving

Talking on a cellphone, texting, and looking at a GPS are a few distractions that lead to deadly rear-end motorcycle crashes. The same thinking distance and stopping distance rules apply as if someone is speeding.


If a driver is drunk or high, his reaction time, vision, and ability to judge distances are impaired. He's also more likely to engage in reckless behaviors such as tailgating and speeding.


Driving when drowsy is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated and can reduce operational skills in similar ways.

Why Rear-End Motorcycle Accidents Are So Dangerous

While a rear-end car accident can result in minor injuries and damage to the vehicles, this isn't the case when a motorcycle rider is rear ended. The force of impact can lift the motorcycle off the ground and cause it to flip over or throw a rider off the bike. In addition, the motorcycle can be pushed into the vehicle in front of it and crush the rider between the two automobiles. This increases the value of a victim’s claim and make it take longer to convince the insurance company to settle.

Were Injured In A Kansas City Area Motorcycle Accident?

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