You love riding your motorcycle when the weather is nice. The fresh air, power, and speed make the morning commute tolerable. Don’t give up the freedom just because it’s getting cold out. Follow our winter driving tips to extend your riding year.

Making Winter Riding Safe and Comfortable

Try the following tips to stay safe on your bike this winter:

  • Layer up in the right gear. You simply can’t be comfortable out in the elements without the proper clothing and gear. Start with a moisture-wicking base layer and then, depending on how cold it is, add more layers. Top it off with high-quality Gore-Tex outerwear for warmth and safety. A good pair of gloves and a neck warmer tucked into your helmet are also musts in the winter.
  • Prep your bike for winter riding. Adding a few protective features to your bike for the winter can make all the difference. A windscreen and handguards will protect you from the elements while heated grips can help you stay in control when your hands are frozen. Check all hoses and put in fresh antifreeze at the beginning of the season.
  • A Motorcyclist Riding on a Winter RoadKeep your tires filled and warm. Make sure your tires have adequate tread as cold weather will only limit traction further. Check tire pressure regularly and keep your tires filled. As you begin your ride, accelerate and decelerate quickly to warm the air in your tires.
  • Watch out for salt, cracks, and black ice. Road conditions are always questionable in the winter, but there are particular hazards for motorcycles. Salt on the road can be slick, so ride accordingly. Cracks and potholes open up as roads freeze and thaw, so always be on the lookout.
  • Increase following distance. All bikers know the real danger out there are cars who aren’t aware of motorcycles, and this is even worse in the winter. Always look at least 15 seconds ahead and increase your following distance to avoid a run-in with an incompetent car driver.
  • Don’t ride in snow. Despite these precautions, it’s still best to avoid riding when it is snowing. Snow can accumulate quickly and you just don’t have the traction or size to plow through it.

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