Road Rage Incident In Shawnee, KS. Ends With Gun Threat

Aggressive drivers can be very dangerous.  When two get together in one confrontation it can get lethal.  One man learned that lesson the hard way, although it nearly cost him his life.  A disagreement over who had the right of way at an intersection escalated into a road rage conflict that ended with one driver pulling a gun on the other.  The incident happened after both drivers were traveling in opposite directions on Nieman Road and came together at Johnson Drive. Both drivers thought they had the right of way and tried to turn east at the same time.  An accident was narrowly avoided but the conflict had just begun.

As the motorists drove down Johnson Drive, the argument heated up until one driver finally pulled a gun and aimed it at the other  driver, who backed down and called police.

Our Kansas and Missouri Accident and Injury Attorneys hope a lesson is learned in this conflict.  It’s never a good idea to continue to challenge an aggressive driver.  They might not all pull guns, but you risk getting involved in an accident which can cause serious injury even death for you or another motorist on the road.  If you find yourself the target of an aggressive driver, the best thing to do is back down.  You never know where another person’s temper will take them.

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