On May 31, 2010, James Roswold and Jennifer Roswold, Heather Lottmann, and Robbie Adams of Roswold Law Group ran the 23rd annual Amy Thompson Run for Brain Injury. The run benefits The Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City (BIAKS) in honor of Amy Thompson. All proceeds are used to fund the prevention and support individuals with a Brain Injury. Since the Run started in 1988 it has raised 1.5 million dollars. Roswold Law Group's participation comes on the heels of a significant financial contribution to BIAKS earlier this year. Experienced brain injury lawyer James Roswold, who has participated in the run previously, was thrilled to see his lawyer's and staff both participate and raise funds this year and plans are to continue to run every year to support brain injury victims and their families.

The run also supported Jake Clough, a young man who had a bicycle accident and suffered a Brain Injury. He was wearing a helmet and because he was wearing a helmet he was to make a full recovery, but sadly Jake passed shortly after his accident for reasons unrelated to his Brain Injury. The Jake Clough headstrong foundation was formed in his honor thereafter. The foundation attended the race and were giving children bicycle helmets properly fitted to each child's head, which is an excellent way of preventing child traumatic brain injuries (TBI) since bicycle accidents, particularly those in which a child is not wearing a helmet, is a significant contributor to TBI. Brain injury attorney James Roswold and Roswold Law Group staff member Robbie Adams each ran 5 miles (8K). Jennifer Roswold and brain injury lawyer Heather Lottmann ran 2 miles. Heather also raised money through local sponsors to donate to the Brain Injury Association of Kansas and Greater Kansas City (BIAKS). Heather and Roswold Law Group wishes to give a big thank you to all of the generous sponsors.

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