With summer just around the corner, it’s likely that more cars will be on the road traveling between states to get to and from their vacation spots. Interstates can be dangerous with more cars and large semi-trucks sharing the road. At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we want you and your loved ones to get to your destination safely. That’s why we’ve written a list of safe driving tips while sharing the road with semi’s:

  1. Never cut in front of a semi or large truck. Trucks have a stopping distance that is about three times longer regular vehicles. Cutting in front of a truck could create an emergency breaking situation for the trucker. This could cause serious if not a fatal accident. If you pass a semi, wait until it is safely behind you in your rear-view mirror before cutting back over.
  2. Make sure everyone in the car is wearing their seat belt. Missouri began its ClickIt4Life campaign a few months ago and law enforcement can now stop a vehicle and issue a ticket to a driver for not wearing a seat belt. Being buckled up means that you are 45-50 percent less likely to be killed or seriously injured in a car accident. Take the time to ensure that you and others in the car are buckled up properly.
  3. Watch out for blindspots. Larger vehicles like semis and tractor trailers have more blind spots and their blind spots are larger than regular vehicles. When attempting to pass a semi, wait until the length of the semi is clear, pass, and then get out of the truckers blind spots. If you can’t see a semi’s side view mirrors, the trucker can’t see you.
  4. Be alert for “squeeze play.” Most people are aware the trucks make wide right hand turns. The driver will sometimes swing left before turning the truck right. If you have stopped along side the truck on the right side near the curb, you could get squeezed in between the curb and the semi. Give the truck plenty of room to turn right and stay a safe distance behind it.

Being alert and focused is very important when traveling safely. Put away any distractions like your cell phone and get plenty of sleep before taking a long road trip. Summer road trips can be fun and exciting…make sure you get there safely by knowing how to share the road with semis.

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