You may be facing a rough time with the insurance company after a Parkville serious injury accident. Was your Parkville settlement claim denied? If so, you are probably wondering why.  There are several reasons this could happen. You may have said the wrong thing to the insurance company. Your Parkville insurance agent should have told you of the needed responsibilities at the time you paid for your policy.

Misrepresentation Can Happen

You don’t want your claim to be considered fraudulent so be very careful. You will probably be asked to complete a long survey to get your policy. This may happen before or after you buy it. If you mark any one thing incorrectly or unclearly it can jeopardize your entire claim. Even things that seem trivial can be of great importance in a Parkville settlement claim.

If you are asked whether you have been to a doctor in Parkville, Missouri, be careful how you answer. Maybe your visit was for an unrelated incident such as the flu, and you consider it irrelevant to your case. It is still considered a doctor’s appointment and you need to document it that way. If you don’t report it then it could seriously hurt your level of compensation for your injury.

Insurance companies have a double-edged sword. They are supposed to have your back, but the insurance company can turn on you in time of need. The truth is that they want easy money without any of the risk. You need to know your responsibilities for your insurance policy. You should have received a book or pamphlet when you bought your policy, and that should have all the information you need.

It is best to purchase a policy with an independent Parkville insurance carrier. You can develop a better relationship with an individual versus a corporation. Phone calls are recorded in big insurance companies, but they can take every word you say and document it, and truth be told they probably don’t have your back. They are just waiting for a chance to use something you say against you at the worst possible moment.

What Should You Do After A Serious Injury Accident?

  • Report any injuries right after it happens. Don’t wait too long or it will raise red flags.

  • If you had any property damage, report that immediately too. Don’t let the damage become worse.

Call Kansas City Accident And Injury Attorneys today for help with your Parkville serious injury claim. If you have been in a car accident or just have questions about your insurance we are happy to assist you. Download our FREE book “Don’t Wreck Your Injury Claim” for more tips on what you should do to get the best possible outcome for your Parkville injury case. 

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