Thanks to public safety campaigns, many drivers are more aware of the possible dangers of driving a motorcycle. However, ensuring that motorcyclists are safe on the road isn’t just their responsibility of the motorcyclist himself. Other drivers need to be aware of what they can do keep everyone on the road safe. As an experienced Kansas City motorcycle injury lawyer and motorcycle enthusiast, I know how tragic a motorcycle accident can be. Just recently, I learned of a devastating accident that occurred in the Kansas City metro area. A Lee’s Summit motorcyclist was killed by a car that failed to yield.  It’s fatal accidents like these that deeply sadden me and make me want to share safety tips for drivers who share the road with motorcyclists so we can all be safe this summer.

What all Kansas City Drivers Should Know About Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

Examine the No Zones

When driving a car (especially a larger vehicle), it can sometimes be hard to know when a biker is nearby. Be sure to examine your blind spot well before changing lanes to be sure that the other lane is clear from other cars or bikers.

Watch your Speed

Speeding is a factor in many deadly motorcycle accidents. Be sure to drive the posted speed limit and if possible, avoid the left lane so that others may pass.

Give ‘em Some Space

It is important that drivers maintain a safe stopping distance behind motorcycles. Follow the two second rule when following behind a biker. Use an object on the side of the road and count the seconds between when the motorcyclist passes and when you pass. Be sure it’s at least two seconds or you’re following too closely.

Anticipate Mother Nature Being a Problem

It can be stressful and scary driving in inclement weather. However, bad weather is even more hazardous for bikers. Snow, rain, or sleet could pose a problem for motorcyclist on the road with you. Anticipate that the rider may have a little bit of trouble and give them some extra space and be patient.

Look Before You Turn

Most motorcycle-car accidents occur at intersections. If you’re stopped at a light near a biker, attempt to make eye contact so they know you see them. Also, some motorcycles aren’t equipped with self-canceling turn signals so if a biker has a turn signal still on, don’t assume it’s intentional. Proceed with extra caution.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we want all motorists to get where they’re headed safely. By being aware of your surroundings, remembering these tips and respecting the rules of the road, Kansas City could experience a lot fewer accidents.

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