Kansas City police officers are already risking their lives enough out on patrol. They never know when a routine traffic stop is going to turn into a potentially dangerous situation if the suspect pulls a fire arm. While police officers are properly trained in how to handle themselves as well as their own weapons in times like this, it's those training sessions that sometimes turn dangerous themselves.Shooting Range

Last week in Salina, Kansas, a Kansas Highway Patrol officer was injured when he was accidentally shot during a traing exercise at the Salina Highway Patrol Shooting Range. Right now it is not known if the gun shot wound was self inflicted or if the officer was shot by another officer in training. The injuries are not expected to be life threatening and an investigation will clear up the details. Our experienced Kansas City Workmans Compensation Attorneys want you to be educated on what you and your family may be entitled to if you suffer a work injury that causes you to miss work and rack up costly medical bills. Workers compensation cases can be tricky because the laws on both sides of the state line are similar in some ways but vastly different in others. That's why it's important to find someone you can trust who has experience with the workers compensation laws on both sides of the state line.

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