Surveillance tactics used in car accident claims in KS and MOAfter a motor vehicle accident, if you file a claim for injury compensation with the negligent driver’s insurance company, you can't assume the insurer will treat you fairly in settlement negotiations. Even if you have a solid case, it may try to refuse to pay all you deserve—or deny your claim entirely. One strategy the carrier might employ to find ammunition is to spy on you while your claim is being resolved.

Why the Insurance Company Could Surveille You

Insurance companies don't engage in surveillance in all motor vehicle accident cases. It's expensive to hire a private investigator to spy on you. If you suffered minor injuries and were only off work for a short time while you recovered, the insurer probably won't monitor your actions. However, here are common reasons it could:

  • To find out how serious your injuries are as part of the claim investigation.
  • Looking for evidence to attack your credibility, such as photos showing you participating in activities that you shouldn't be able to do, given your injuries.
  • An adjuster might not believe you're being honest about how injured you are, or your medical records don't support your claims.
  • The value of your claim is high, which increases the likelihood that the carrier will try to dispute your right to compensation.

Surveillance Tactics That Insurance Companies Often Use

The insurance company could spy on you at any time during a pending claim, so you should always be conscious of the fact that you may be under surveillance. Be especially cautious before your deposition and jury trial, because these are common times insurers engage in these practices.

Current technology makes it easier for private investigators to watch you closely and take photos or videos without you even being aware of them. These surveillance tactics are typical in motor vehicle accident cases:

  • Fixed surveillance. Fixed surveillance is like a stakeout, where a private investigator watches your activities or uses a video camera to do so from a fixed location, such as near your home or job.
  • Electronic surveillance. A private investigator or insurance adjuster could search your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites numerous times while your claim is being settled for damaging information that can be used against you.
  • Tracking. An investigator can follow you or use a GPS to monitor where you go and what activities you're doing.

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