Man steals car.  Man flees police.  Man causes accident.  It always ends the same.  In Kansas City, Missouri, a suspect attempting to flee police custody in a pick up truck drove the wrong way down two different highways caused a four car collision.  The accident happened on the southbound lanes of U.S. Highway 71 near 55th street.  The driver that caused the accident however was driving north and crashed into at least three other vehicles.  Six people suffered serious injury in the accident, including two of the victims whose injuries were listed as critical.  None of the injuries fortunately are considered life threatening.

It can be pretty scary when you're driving and minding your own business and a police chase suddenly puts your life in danger.  If you're on the road when this situation presents itself, the safest thing to do is to get off the road.  Pull to the side and let the action pass before you continue on your  journey.  The driver instigating the police chase is doing enough to put people's lives in dangers.  Don't risk further chance of serious injury by refusing to yield to the chase.

The experienced Kansas City Automobile Accident and Injury Lawyers at Roswold Law Group wishes a full and quick recovery to the innocent motorists injured in this unnecessary accident.

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