A rollover car crash involving an SUV caused the eastbound lanes of I-70 to be shut down for a while this morning in Kansas City, Missouri.  The crash happened around 7 a.m. near the Benton Curve in Kansas City.  The driver of the SUV needed to be freed from the vehicle by emergency crews and was taken to the hospital.  The severity of the injuries is unknown.  Police are still investigating the auto accident.


Every year, rollover accidents are responsible for nearly 10,000 deaths every year in America.  While they seem to happen more with SUVs, the truth is these types of car accidents can happen to any driver if they aren't one hudred percent focused on driving.  Rollover crashes can be avoided by driving responsibly and being aware of your surroundings at all time.  Avoid distractions that can keep your eyes off the road such as your car stereo or your cell phone.  Be aware of posted speed limits along highways and side streets.  Especially with summer coming up, there will be a lot of construction going on around Kansas City.  Be aware of construction zones and any changes in speed zones.  Keep up on your monthly and yearly vehicle maintenance, especially with your tires.  Keep them properly inflated and have them inspected often.


The Kansas and Missouri accident and injury attorneys of the Roswold Law Group would like to wish the victim of this auto accident a speedy recovery and ask everyone to practice safe and smart driving techniques so that the roads are safe for everyone. Although as experienced personal injury attorneys we are well equipped to handle your personal injury cases, we would rather see you with your families than in our offices. The best car accident attorneys in Kansas City have injury victims lining up seeking representation and know that safety awareness is one of the best ways to reduce the heavy toll that is exacted on Kansas City area drivers every year due to serious injuries and fatalities. DRIVE SAFE!

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