An near tragic accident was caused by a motorist who was not only driving under the influence of drugs but also texting. The auto injury accident happened on 151st Street and 94th Avenue in Orland Park, Illinois and according to police reports the injury accident happened when a motorist ran a red light and struck a van. A passenger in the vehicle told police he was picked up from a methadone clinic and was said the driver was texting and driving and missed a stop light that led to the accident.

Our experienced Kansas City Driving Under the Influence Injury Attorneys want to remind all motorists in Kansas and Missouri that you don't just have to be drunk to get a DUI. Driving Under the Influence also includes illegal drugs and any prescription or non-prescription medication that can alter or numb your senses.  We talk a lot about the dangers of drinking and driving but we absolutely don't want this to go unnoticed.  The problem is you probably don't think about how much a little tylenol or some other prescription med might make you a little out of it.

But the texting part is what makes this sad.  Drivers should know better.  Texting and driving has been illegal for all ages n the state of Kansas since January 1, 2011 and will soon be the same in Missouri.  Put that phone down now, please-- together we can help keep roads and highways in Kansas and Missouri safe.

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