At Roswold Law Group, we know how important it is for all motorists to be extra aware and cautious when driving through school zones.  This goes for adults and as well as teen-age drivers.  An injury happened this morning that showed just how dangerous it can be for teen drivers if they aren't paying attention.


Three high school students were seriously injured in a three-vehicle crash in Kansas City, Missouri today.  According to reports, the crash happened around 7:30 this morning at the corner of Shoal Creek Parkway and North Woodland Avenue near Staley High School.  Police at the scene of the Kansas City car accident two teens, each driving a vehicle and a third teen passenger were hospitalized with injuries.  One has since been treated and released while the other two were kept for further observation.  The third driver, an adult, was treated at the scene.  Police are investigating the cause of the crash.


Our experienced Kansas City Auto Accident and Injury Lawyers would like to urgently remind all Kansas and Missouri motorists to practice safe and attentive driving techniques at all times no matter where you are driving.  The best way to prevent a car accident is to avoid any and all distractions when driving.  This includes texting and cell phone calls while driving.

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