After an auto accident, it’s common to be frightened, upset, scared or angry. With so many emotions running close to the surface, it’s easy to overlook one vital piece of technology that could help you win your auto accident claim…your cell phone. While many of us think to call the police after a car wreck, we don’t always remember to use our cell phone capabilities to document the scene of the crash. We here at Kansas City Accident Attorneys would like to provide you with tips for using your cell phone after a Parkville car accident:

  • Call 911. The first thing you should do after an accident is dial 911. Even if there is no injury, the police need to aware that an accident occurred so your attorney can request a copy of the accident report. The 911 call will be recorded but you should keep a copy of your phone records just in case.
  • Record Voice Memos. Using your voice recorder on your phone may be an easier option than trying to write down a lot of information regarding the crash. You can record the names of those involved, addresses, phone numbers, insurance information and names of witnesses without worrying about keeping a steady hand after a scary accident.  
  • Take pictures of the scene. Capturing the placement and damage to all vehicles involved could help you win your accident claim. Your lawyer will ask for photos of the accident, it’s best to be prepared. Remember, if inclement weather was a factor; take pictures of the road conditions.
  • Shoot and narrate a video. Most cell phones have video capabilities. While photos are important to have, sometimes they can’t capture the full extent of the damage or give a clear idea of what happened. Narrate a video giving a description of what happened (the other vehicle hit me here, causing my car to end here, etc.)
  • Call for assistance. After contacting the police and any necessary medical help, you should contact an attorney to schedule a consultation. Insurance adjusters can and will contact you hours after the accident occurred. It’s best to know your rights BEFORE talking with the insurance company’s adjuster. For information about how the insurance adjuster may try and trick you out of a fair settlement, you can read our article "Three Things an Insurance Company May Not Tell You After a Kansas City Truck Crash."

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys know that car accidents can be scary and stressful. It’s important to try and remain calm and use the technology you have to protect your claim. With the experienced personal injury attorneys at Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys on your side, you are given the chance to recover from your accident while they fight hard to get you compensation.  

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