Recently, police in Overland Park on the Kansas side have said that road rage incidents have increased by 30% since last year. Here are some tips to think about in order to avoid becoming a road rage driver:

  1. When in doubt, let the other car go first.
  2. Follow all traffic signs and indicators.
  3. Give pedestrians the right of way.
  4. Allow others to pass you by moving to right lanes.
  5. Use your turn signal to indicate that you want to change lanes.
  6. Maintain plenty of space between your car and the vehicle ahead.
  7. Do not yell or make obscene gestures.
  8. Try not to use your horn or high beams.
  9. Be polite to other drivers
  10. Take the Pledge to Slow Down
The best thing to do is always give yourself plenty of time and neve take your frustrations out on other motorists.
As Kansas and Missouri Auto Accident and Injury Attorneys,  we have seen enough road rage cases to know how dangerous they can be.  If you find your self in a hostile situation with another driver on the  road, the best thing to do is back down.  Accidents triggered by aggressive drivers can cause serious injury and even death.
For more information on how you can detect an aggressive driver or prevent becoming an aggressive driver, check out our article on "Warning Signs of an Aggressive Driver".

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