A team of medical professionals from Nationwide Children's Hospital have worked together to compile a list of what they see most in their line of work.  The group has now announced what they believe to be the top 5 most common injury trends for children during the summer months.  One in particular, Dr. Kathy Nuss, personally corresponded with the hospital's news center to describe the list and how these dangers can be prevented.

-Burns: In young children, they see scalds or water burns, and parents should work to ensure that their pots full of hot water on the stove are out of the reach of children.  But in older children, the doctors reported seeing more burns from direct contact with bonfires while camping or from mishandling fireworks. 

-Falls: We typically associate this with kids getting to rowdy on the trampoline, but the doctors insist that most of the falls they see in their emergency room happen on the seemingly safe playground.  Usually, the worst accidents occur when there is concrete instead of a soft substance below the child to break her or hisr fall.  Examples of good substances to break falls would be mulch or even tire chips.

-Bicycling: An astonishing 400,000 children are taken to the emergency room each year because of a bicycling accident.  Typically, the limbs of the child are severely torn up, but the most severe damage occurs when the child's head crashes into the pavement below.  Head injuries are especially life-threatening and can be easily prevented by wearing a helmet.  In addition, bicycle accident scenarios are only helped when children are hit by cars.  This usually occurs when the child is not sure how to signal correctly or when they choose to ride their bike across intersections quickly, instead of walking it across intersections.  The latter makes children obey traffic signals, and as a result, other drivers are less likely to crash into the child. 

-Drowning: Although children do not visit the ER from drowning as much as they do near-drowning, near drowning can still have a serious impact on the child's mental and physical health.  These accidents usually occur in privately-owned swimming pools or lanscaping ponds when parents are not around to watch and children are not wearing flotation devices. 

-ATVs, Scooters, and Golf Carts: Oftentimes, children aren't prepared for these accidents because another person may crash into them, or a person that is driving them may crash.  These are difficult to prevent, but as always, you must watch your child at all times and make sure they know how to escape an accident if possible. 

Has Your Child Been Injured By The Negligence Of Others?

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