Do you have a trampoline in your backyard?  Do your neighbors?  What if your child has already jumped on a trampoline and you were not even aware that he or she did so? 

These are important questions to consider in the summertime.  Does your child have access to a trampoline, and if so, is your child able to jump cautiously?  We pose these questions to our audience of Missouri and Kansas parents and guardians because on Friday of last week a little girl in Ohio was in her grandmother's backyard jumping on a trampoline, as far as we know not horsing around or attempting to do anything dangerous, but her foot was caught in the protective covering that lines the circumference of most trampolines and as a result she fell off of the trampoline and crashed into the ground. 

With nothing there to break her fall, the little girl suffered a head injury. Fortunately, the little girl was able to pick herself up off the ground, and despite vomiting and a loss of balance from her traumatic brain injury (TBI) she was able to go inside and alert her grandmother to her situation. Her story, hopefully involving no permanent injuries, is far more fortunate than many others across the U.S., in Missouri and Kansas, and right here in Kansas City. 

Far too often we hear horror stories about children playing on trampolines or in pools and sustaining significant head and neck injuries.  These injuries are often life-threatening, and at the very least can have a variety of health consequences that do not appear right away.

To read more about this little girl's story, click here. If a child you love has been a victim of a situation like this one in Missouri or Kansas, we urge you to contact our Kansas City-based law office. Experienced personal injury lawyer James Roswold and his child injury and brain injury attorneys and staff at Roswold Law Group help child injury and accident victims overcome their situations, work to secure justice and just compensation, and hope to see these young people live without permanent consequences. 

Has Your Child Been Injured By The Negligence Of Others?

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