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Trucker Killed in Train Accident; Tips for Safety at Kansas City Train Crossings

At Roswold Law Group, we work to protect Kansas and Missouri truckers by passing along stories that while tragic they may be, might be able to prevent similar injury accidents or fatalities.  An accident involving a big rig and an Amtrak passenger train should have the attention of all truck drivers and auto motorists.


Train CrossingIn New York, a truck driver was killed when his truck was hit by a train at a rail road crossing near Dunkirk, NY.  Police say the fatal trucking accident was caused when the truck tried to drive around and through the crossing gate as a passenger train crashed into the truck.  The 51 year-old truck driver was killed in violent crash, which ripped the truck in half.  No one on board the train was injured in the collision.


Our experienced Kansas and Missouri Trucking Injury Lawyers strongly urge all motorists, whether you are behind the wheel of a big rig or just driving your own automobile to always respect traffic laws at a train crossing intersection.  Here are some safety tips to follow as a motorist:

  • remember trains are wider than the tracks.  KEEP a SAFE DISTANCE from either side of the crossing.
  • always slow down and prepare to stop when approaching a train crossing.
  • always look both ways.  don't focus on a train coming from one direction.  be prepared for a train to come from the other direction as well.
  • LISTEN.  Roll down a window if weather might make it difficult to hear an approaching train.


If you or someone you love have suffered a serious injury in an accident involving a semi-truck or big rig in Kansas or Missouri, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.  At Roswold Law Group, we want you to know your rights as a victim. Contact us online or call us directly at 816.471.5111 for your free consultation today. With over 15 years of experience in Trucking Injury Accidents our Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys may be able to help you and your family through this difficult and often stressful time. 

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