Two children were rushed to Children's Mercy Hospital to receive treatment for carbon monoxide poisoning.  One was a little girl aged one year and a little boy aged three years.  The were found in the basement of a building in which a small fire had combusted.

The fire department had responded to the routine call within minutes.  But when they arrived, they found the infant girl unconscience on the floor.  She was unresponsive to any help, and was immediately rescued from the nearing flames and rushed to the hospital.  Her brother, was able to respond to the emergency team.  But for safety's sake, he was rushed to the hospital as well.  As far as we know, both children survived the incident, but no news has come on the status of either's health. 

There were also two adults in the building.  They were responsive to emergency crews and received treatment on scene for any carbon monoxide they may have inhaled. 

The levels of carbon monoxide detected at the scene were labeled beyond risky, and it is miraculous that either of these small children were not immediately overwhelmed by the extremely high levels of this killer gas. 

Fire department officials believe that the small fire was not the cause of the extremely high levels of carbon monoxide.  They now suspect that there may have been a leak somewhere in the building.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is known as the silent killer.  It is impossible for a human to smell, taste, or see this gas as it leaks out.  As the gas is inhaled, it latches onto the lungs and prevents clean oxygen from entering as necessary. 

It is also an especially difficult type of poisoning because the affected individual is unable to detect this very gradual change.  Over a duration of time, the affected person will slowly become lethargic to the point that they fall into an unconscious state. 

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