An hit and run auto accident on Interstate 70 near Topeka, KS. has put two Kansas state police officers and two other victims in a nearby hospital with serious injuries.  The accident happend on Wednesday near 75 highway when police were conducting a search for two people who ran after being stopped for a traffic violation.  The officers involved were both on foot with a police dog when a van suddenly struck a patrol car, which then hit the officers.  Both of them are now in stable condition after being treated for serious injuries.

The collision caused the van to lose control and go off road before flipping over into a ditch along the highway.  The driver and passenger of the van in question were also taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Accidents like this are unnecessary and can easily be prevented by doing on simple thing while you're driving and that's simly paying attention.  Anytime you are on the road, especially the highway, the safe, responsible and courteous thing to do is to change lanes to stay out of the way and decrease speed if you have to.

The Kanas personal injury and accident attorneys of the Rowold Law Group wish a speedy recovery from injury for both the officers involved in this unfortunate accident and the passengers of the van as well and hope in the future, highway motorists practice safe driving techniques.  

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