When you suffer injuries in a car accident, the negligent driver’s insurance company could raise a variety of disputes in an attempt to deny or reduce your claim. The insurance adjuster may deny his client's liability for causing your crash, or point the finger at you.

The bottom line in these disputes is you must prove the other person’s negligence in order to be entitled to injury compensation. An accident reconstruction expert may be essential to establishing this.

What Is an Accident Reconstruction Expert?

He or she is qualified based on education, training, and job experience to recreate a collision and make determinations about how it occurred. These experts are often from these professions:

  • Engineers
  • Other individuals with a relevant science background
  • Law enforcement officers who have special training

How Can an Accident Reconstruction Expert Help?

An Auto Accident Reconstruction Expert Kansas City Accident Inury AttorneysNot all victims of a collision need to hire one of these experts.

However, when liability is in dispute, the parties cannot remember what happened, or there are no eyewitnesses, retaining an accident reconstruction expert may be essential.

He would use a variety of information, such as photos, police report, data from the car’s event data recorder—also referred to as a "black box"—and witness statements to recreate a computer-generated simulation of the crash.

Some of the information a reconstructionist may provide a case:

  • Calculate the speed of the vehicles
  • Evaluate the physics of the crash scene
  • Explain how the accident most likely occurred and the damage it caused
  • Determine if the occupants were wearing seat belts
  • Establish whether any environmental factors, such as weather, contributed to the collision
  • Assess whether road signs, signals, or other traffic guidance visibility issues existed

Selecting the right expert is crucial, and it's important to choose one based on credentials, experience, reputation, and communication skills. By choosing the expertise of an experienced car accident attorney and his assessment of your case, he'll have a network of reliable accident reconstruction experts to turn to if it proves beneficial.

Have You Been Injured In A Kansas City Area Car Accident?

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