At Roswold Law Group, we know that human error isn't the only thing that can cause a serious injury auto accident.  Especially this time of year, one of the most dangerous things on the road may not be a human or even an automobile.  It just might be a deer.


Two women were seriously injured after the car they were riding in struck a deer.  The rollover crash on Kansas highway 68, just south of Lawrence, was caused when a car swerved to avoid a deer in the road.  The 39 year-old driver was air lifted to a hospital in Overland Park, KS. having suffered unknown serious injuries.  Her passenger, a 32 year-old woman taken to the hospital by ambulance.


Our experienced Kansas and Missouri Auto Injury Attorneys know that a collision with a deer can be very serious.  The impact of the deer collision can not only do serious damage to your car but can cause very serious injury or even death depending on how you react as a driver.


Tips to avoid an serious injury accident collision with a deer:

  • Know your surroundings and watch for signs!
  • Drive slow and obey posted speed limits!
  • Drive defensively at all times!
  • Be Careful at Dawn and Dusk especially!

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