At City Budget Hearings held Thursday, Kansas City road repairs were a topic of discussion.  City Manager, Troy Schulte, stated that Wornall Road was one of the worst roads in town.  Unfortunately, it appears that may not change any time soon. 

This seasons harsh winter weather has wreaked havoc on our local roadways.  Potholes are a very real and present danger to Kansas City Drivers.  Potholes can cause many different types of damage to vehicles such as flat tires, bent wheels, lost hubcaps and alignment problems.  Additionally, swerving to miss potholes can cause accidents on our local streets and highways. 

The city has plans to repair 115 miles of roads this summer, but that number is less than half of the necessary road work to keep our streets in good operating condition. 

At Roswold Law Group, we are concerned about the condition of our city streets.  Drivers have many considerations when operating a motor vehicle and Kansas City street conditions should be at their best to help protect our motorists. Preventing Kansas and Missouri auto accidents should be a top concern for everyone whether it is driving safer, repairing roads, or raising awareness.

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