Nursing Home Negligence Result

Nursing Home Negligence

Case Rejected By Other Attorneys

Sometimes a second opinion is advisable. That was certainly true in this case.

Here, our client’s father was an elderly nursing home resident with fragile health. He fell ill and suffered from nausea and vomiting. Although these symptoms continued throughout the day, the nursing home staff failed to appreciate the seriousness of his condition and did not take routine steps including a residual stomach contents check, suctioning and notifying the resident’s doctor of the resident’s condition.

By the time the seriousness of the situation was appreciated and he was transferred to a hospital, the gentleman was in a very serious condition, suffering from aspiration pneumonia, a urinary tract infection and hyponatremia. His vital signs continued to deteriorate, and he passed away within a few hours.

Our client initially sought legal advice from another attorney but was told that she did not have a claim. Fortunately, she persisted and sought our assistance. After reviewing the records thoroughly, we felt that the nursing home had been negligent, and we pursued a wrongful death claim against the nursing home.

The case was successfully resolved through mediation and our client received a substantial settlement in a case where she had originally been told she had no claim.