Slip and Fall at K-Mart

Personal Injury

Slip and Fall at K-Mart

Our client, an elderly lady, was injured at K-Mart on Christmas Eve while shopping for some last minute groceries for Christmas dinner. As she entered the store, she slipped on a piece of shrimp that had fallen on the floor from a sales display and had not been picked up.

Our client had had prior open heart surgery and the impact from the fall caused the surgical wires holding her breastbone together to break and this resulted in the development of an epigastric hernia along with other injuries.

This case was interesting in that jurisdictional issues arose over whether suit for these injuries could be brought in Jackson County, Missouri where our client lived, or whether it was necessary to bring the case in Denver, Colorado where the injury occurred. Ultimately, the jurisdictional issues were taken before the Missouri Supreme Court where we were successful in overturning a Missouri Court of Appeals decision ruling that suit was not proper in Missouri.

Following resolution of the case before the Missouri Supreme Court, the case was tried in Jackson County Missouri with a successful outcome. After an extremely long battle, our client received the compensation she was due.