Are There Ways My Employer Could Have Prevented My Crane Accident?

Crane accidents are common on construction sites and are one of the leading causes of construction workers’ deaths. Sadly, many of these tragedies could be prevented if employers implemented the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) safety guidelines for crane operations.

12 Safety Practices That Would Prevent Crane Workers’ Injuries

While employers may not be able to eliminate all crane-related injuries, they can take steps to reduce the number and severity of these accidents. Twelve OSHA guidelines they need to follow include:

  1. An inspector should inspect the crane thoroughly for any mechanical problems before it is used.
  2. All cranes should be inspected more comprehensively on a regular basis for cracks, faulty wiring, worn ropes, and defective parts that could lead to an accident.
  3. All repairs should be performed by a qualified repair person.
  4. Cranes should always be placed on a flat and level surface at least 10 feet from electrical cables.
  5. Cranes should not carry loads beyond their weight capacity. It is safest to limit the load to no more than 75 percent of the crane’s tipping weight.
  6. Fences should be installed around the construction site to prevent outsiders from going near the crane.
  7. The crane’s safety devices, such as the level operator, must be in good working condition whenever the crane is being used.
  8. A qualified “signal” person should help the crane operator maneuver the loads.
  9. Crew working at least six feet above the ground should use a fall protection system.
  10. A qualified “rigger” should set all loads to ensure the loads do not become loose and fall onto other workers.
  11. The crane manufacturer or an engineer should design the foundation for the crane tower and any other structural supports.
  12. Crane operators should consider the wind as a major safety concern as it is the leading cause of crane accidents.

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