Biker Lane Sharing or Lane Splitting: What’s the Difference?

Missouri law technically allows a driver to enter an intersection if the light is yellow. The yellow light is meant to inform the driver that the red light is imminent and to clear the intersection quickly.


However, just because a driver may be technically permitted to enter an intersection when the light is yellow does not mean that a driver who enters on yellow is never at fault for the crash. A driver who enters an intersection when it is unsafe to do so and who is negligent, distracted, or reckless in the operation of his or her vehicle may cause a serious car accident.


If you have been hurt in an intersection accident, then it is important to contact an experienced Gladstone, MO auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. Your Gladstone, MO car accident attorney can investigate the accident and help you understand who was at fault and whose insurance company may be responsible for paying for your accident damages.

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