Can I Take A Leave Of Absence After Car Crash?

It can be incredibly frustrating to receive a police report about your Kansas City motorcycle crash and to disagree with the police investigation. You may wonder how the police could have made the conclusions that they made and you may be afraid that these incorrect conclusions will prevent your fair recovery.

Before we tell you what to do if this happens to you, we want to tell you what not to do. Do not fight with the police. Our Kansas City motorcycle lawyers understand that you are angry and feel that an injustice has been done. However, fighting with the police and demanding that they change their report is not going to make things better.

Instead, call us. Do not shoulder this burden alone. Let an experienced Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyer help you during this difficult time. We will conduct our own investigation. If the results of our investigation are different than the results in the police report then we will present our facts to the insurance company and, if necessary, to a judge and/or jury to help you get the relief that you deserve.

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