How Gap Insurance Works If Your Car Is Totaled in a Crash

You’re smart to be concerned about the children you are caring for. Although you may be a very safe driver, you know that carrying passengers in your car is a very different experience than driving by yourself. If the parents you’re working for ask that you use their car, you will be responsible for not only keeping their children safe, but for also driving in a strange vehicle.

Rules to Follow to Keep Children Injury-Free in a Car Accident

As the new person on the block, the children you care for might try to push your buttons and get you to bend the rules for them—don’t. By understanding how the children stay safe, you can stay firm on what they can and cannot do in the car.

To help you get the children from point A to point B in the safest manner possible, follow these tips:

  • Be sure the car seats are loaded correctly. Parents go to great lengths to have their car seats installed correctly. It is just as important that the children are loaded correctly. If you’re not sure how to secure the children properly, ask the parents before you drive anywhere with their precious cargo!
  • Don’t let children shorter than 4’9” weasel out of using a booster seat. Children are eager to grow up. One way they show this is by begging, pouting, kicking, and screaming until they get permission to sit like a big girl or boy. If the child you’re caring for is shorter than four feet, nine inches tall, they must stay in their booster seat.
  • Keep the kids in the back seat. Children under the age of 13 must ride in the back seat. This is another rule that kids often try to break. Don’t let them push you around.

If something happens, it is important that you contact the parents and seek immediate medical help for the children. Injuries from car accidents in Kansas City are very dangerous and could leave permanent damage if not treated right away.

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