Will My Son Need a Beginner’s Motorcycle Permit to Ride on Missouri Roads?

Yes. In order to keep beginning riders safe, Missouri law requires that all new motorcyclists must apply for a temporary learner’s permit, take a written test, and pass a road skills test before they become fully licensed.

Special Missouri Permit Rules for Teenage Motorcycle Riders

  • Under age 16. Younger riders who are under the age of 16 must pass the Class F and Class M written, vision, and road sign tests to apply for a temporary motorcycle instruction permit. They must also be able to show written consent of their parents or legal guardians, and have successfully completed an approved motorcycle rider training course (MRTC). Under the rules of a temporary permit, riders under age 16 may ride a 250cc (or less) vehicle, during daylight hours only (with no passengers) and are limited to a 50-mile radius from their home.
  • Over age 16. If your child is over 16 years of age, he will only need to pass the Class M written test to obtain a temporary motorcycle instruction permit (he does not have to take the MRTC). If he already has a driver’s license or permit, he must also comply with any driver license restrictions while operating a motorcycle.

What Kinds of Tests Will a New Motorcycle Rider Need to Pass?

All new riders must pass a basic knowledge test covering general motorcycle information, common road signs and hazards, safe riding practices, and other road rules. Tests may include hypothetical situations that ask the rider about the best course of action in a particular scenario.

After the written test, all new riders must pass a road test. The mandatory motorcycle skill test may be performed on a controlled course (off of public roads and highways) or in an actual traffic environment.

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