If you are a teenager applying for your first driver’s license in the state of Missouri, you will have to complete the steps of the graduated driver license (GDL) program. There are a few different stages of licensing, and each has its own restrictions and qualifications.

Receiving Your Learners Permit

The first step most teenagers can take is to apply for a learner’s permit. Teens can begin driving with a permit as soon as they are 15-years-old, as long as they apply at their local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) with a parent or guardian. They must pass a written test, road signs test, and a vision exam in order to be approved.

Getting Your Intermediate Driver’s License

When a driver turns 16-years-old, he may apply for an intermediate driver’s license as long as:

  • He has held a learner’s permit for at least 182 days.
  • He has completed.at least 40 hours of supervised driving with a licensed adult.
  • Has not had any alcohol-related driving violations in the past year.
  • Has not been cited for any traffic violations in the past six months.
  • Has passed the DMV road test.

Getting Your Full Driver’s License

Drivers who possess an intermediate license may apply for a full license once they turn 18-years-old, or in the 30 days immediately before their 18th birthday. In order to be granted a full driver’s license, the driver must:

  • Have a valid intermediate license (your driving privileges cannot be suspended or revoked when you apply for your full license).
  • Pass both the written test and road test administered by the DMV.
  • Have completed all supervised driving and probationary driving period requirements.
  • Be free of any alcohol-related or traffic convictions in the last 12 months.

Parents should note that while a driver’s education course is not required for licensing, it can greatly improve your child’s road skills, as well as his ability to pass the required DMV testing. If your child is getting ready to take his road tests, send him a link to this article via email or on Facebook to prepare him for what lies ahead.

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