The Cost of Treatment for Spinal Cord Injuries and Paralysis

Here is a list of some of the tasks that we may be called to do in your case. Please keep in mind that all of these tasks may not be necessary in every case and in some cases there may be additional tasks that are not listed. Each case is different.

  • Initial consultation and interview with the client;
  • Educate the client regarding work injury claims;
  • Discuss medical care options with client immediately and on an ongoing basis;
  • Interview known witnesses, if necessary;
  • Obtain photographs of the accident scene and injuries, if necessary;
  • Collect any other necessary documentary evidence;
  • Analyze legal issues presented by the facts of the case;
  • File appropriate claim forms;
  • Monitor client's medical progress;
  • Pursue mediation and hardship settings in the event of disputes over compensation due; 
  • Obtain, review and analyze medical records concerning client's medical care;
  • Obtain written medical and vocational reports concerning client's condition;
  • Send client for independent medical examination;
  • Contact insurance companies and put them on notice of the claim; 
  • When medical treatment has been completed, obtain, review and analyze treatment records; 
  • Prepare comprehensive demand package; 
  • Determine appropriate value of client's case; 
  • Attempt to negotiate settlement with insurance carrier; 
  • Advise you regarding the pros and cons of resolving your case for the highest offer procured versus pursuing claim in court; the advice is based upon an extensive analysis that includes many factors intended to allow you to make a fully informed decision whether to resolve your case at the offered amount or proceed with litigation; 
  • If settlement cannot be reached, pursue claim in court on behalf of client; 
  • Take appropriate depositions; 
  • Prepare the client, witnesses and healthcare providers for depositions; 
  • Produce to the defendant all pertinent data for the claim such as medical records; 
  • Prepare the case for trial and/or settlement before trial; 
  • Prepare the client and witnesses for trial; 
  • Preparation and organization of medical exhibits for trial; 
  • Preparation and organization of demonstrative exhibits for trial; 
  • Prepare for hearings such as pretrial mediation, pre-hearing settlement conferences, preliminary hearings depending on the needs of the case and whether the case is in Missouri or Kansas; 
  • File briefs and motions with the court to eliminate surprises at trial; 
  • Take the case to trial before an administrative law judge.

Have You Been Injured On The Job?

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