When Your Personal Injury Case Is Referred to Another Lawyer

After a devastating car accident or workplace injury, you were relieved to find an attorney to take your case. Whether seeking damages from a car insurance company or trying to secure workers’ comp benefits, you felt better knowing you have legal representation on your side.

However, you were shocked when your attorney informed you that he was referring your case to another lawyer, and now you’re worried about your case. There may be no need to worry. In fact, he may be doing you a favor.

Why a Lawyer May Refer Your Case to Another Law Firm

There are many reasons a lawyer may decide he can no longer handle your case. It’s important for you to find out why he’s made this decision before you decide what to do next.

Some common reasons for referral include:

  • Type of case. Most people have very little use for an attorney in their day-to-day lives. If you’ve been through a divorce, written an estate plan, or sold real estate, you may have a relationship with a lawyer you like and trust. However, that doesn’t mean he or she is the best person for a personal injury claim. One reason attorneys refer cases is they’re not experienced with that particular area of law. While an estate planning attorney may agree to look at the details of your case, if it’s not a cut-and-dried claim, he may decide to refer you to car accident attorney. In this situation, you would be smart to take his advice and look for a new attorney.
  • Up-front costs. Complicated car accident cases can require significant up-front costs to investigate and hire crash experts. If you start with a small firm or an independent attorney, he may not have the resources to cover these costs. Since car accident claims are generally taken on a contingency fee basis, you don’t pay unless you win the case, so the attorney will use the firm’s money to pay these costs. If he doesn’t have the ready cash, he may refer your case to a law firm that does. Again, it would be to your benefit to change lawyers in this situation.
  • Case load. Attorneys are often working on several cases at once. However, if a big case comes in right after accepting your case, the attorney may realize he will not have the time to do your case justice and may refer your case to another lawyer. While it may be upsetting to be pushed aside for a more lucrative case, it’s best that you know he cannot put in the time your case needs and move on to a new legal team.
  • Jurisdiction. If a lawyer researches your case and discovers you’ll be required to appear in a court in which he cannot, such as in another state or in court to which he has not been admitted, he may pass your case on to a qualified attorney.

Rather than being upset or offended when your attorney has to refer your case, ask for his reasons and understand that it is probably better for your case in the long run.

Choosing the Right Attorney

While the attorney who is removing himself from your case will likely refer you to another professional, you’re under no obligation to comply. But, if the original attorney is one you know and trust and he’s providing you with an expert recommendation, you should at least meet the other attorney and ask some questions.

You could also use this transition to look for a legal advisor who has experience with your exact situation. If your first choice can’t handle your case, Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys may be a good fit if you were involved in any of the following in Kansas or Missouri:

  • Motorcycle crash
  • Car accident
  • Truck crash
  • A denied workers’ compensation claim
  • Wrongful death
  • Slip and fall
  • Construction accident
  • Medical malpractice

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