7 Tips For Photographing A Traffic Accident Scene

Is a picture is worth a thousand words? Yes! Taking high quality photographs of the scene of your accident will help you and your attorney prove what happened during the accident. These pictures will not only help with accident reconstruction, but they can also be used for showing damages and proving liability.

Here Are 7 Tips for Documenting Photographic Evidence of a Car Accident:

  • Place an object in each photograph to give the picture a sense of scale. If you are photographing small objects, use a coin or a key. If you are photographing large objects, ask a person to stand in the picture or make sure you include a stop sign or other undamaged object for scale.
  • Take a picture of the entire scene. Step far enough from the scene that you can fit the entire area in the camera frame. Keep photographing the entire scene from different angles until you’ve covered the entire perimeter of the accident.
  • Take pictures of all vehicles that were involved in the accident. Take pictures of the entire vehicle from several different angles. Then take close-up shots of the damages resulting from the accident. Make sure you photograph the vehicles’ license plates and any debris around the damaged vehicles.
  • Take pictures of any damage to the vehicles’ interior. Include deployed airbags, shattered glass, any loose car parts or debris, and blood stains. If any personal property was damaged, photograph that as well. Remember to use your flash when necessary.
  • Take pictures of any property damage or evidence at the accident scene. Again, take pictures of the whole structure and close-ups of the damage. Be sure to photograph any skid marks.
  • If there are injuries, take pictures of the victims with close-up shots of their injuries.
  • Look for anything that might have been a contributing factor to the accident, including: damaged curbs, pot holes, lights that don’t work, or road construction scenes.

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