U-Haul Trailer-Sway Crashes Make Move-In Deadly for Students

Just as quickly as summer arrived, it’s on its way out. Soon your daughter will be going off to the University of Missouri, you’ll help her pack up her moving truck for the long drive down I-70, and the rest of your family will be saying your good-byes.

But for many families, those good-byes happen even before college students make it out of Blue Springs.

U-Haul and Other Moving Companies Don’t Properly Protect Against “Trailer Sway”

U-Hauls and other loaded moving trailers have a known danger called trailer sway – a gust of wind or bend in the road causes a rippling effect on the trailer, causing it to continue swinging so violently that drivers lose control of their vehicles. Although many moving truck companies warn renters about trailer sway, they may not take any responsibility when it results in a truck accident—blaming the drivers for improper loading or driving techniques.

Here are a few ways U-Haul could be held responsible for a trailer sway accident:

  • Vehicle weight regulations. U-Haul allows customers to tow trailers and dollies using their own passenger vehicles. The problem is that many renters use SUVs or pickups as tow vehicles because of their towing capacity, but these vehicles have a high center of gravity, making them likelier to roll over. Also, fully-loaded trailers may easily outweigh smaller passenger cars, but are still allowed to pull trailers—even when the car’s manufacturer specifically prohibits using un-braked trailers that weigh over 1,000 pounds.
  • Lax safety inspections. Trailers will often stay in circulation for months without a proper safety inspection, increasing the risk of a crash with every mile traveled.
  • Trailer uncoupling. If not properly hitched, a trailer can come unhitched from the vehicle, causing accidents for the vehicles traveling behind it.
  • Bad (or no) brakes. Many U-Hauls trailer models are not equipped with brakes, relying on the brakes of the tow vehicle to bring them to a stop. While large trailers are equipped with brakes, they are notoriously unreliable and have caused many problems on the road.

Many moving companies avoid liability by claiming that the customer is responsible for any mistakes made while using the equipment. However, an attorney can help you gather evidence that proves the moving company is at fault.

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