Posted on Mar 30, 2010
A weekend crash that killed 12-year-old Damian Slayton led police to charge the driver causing the accident, Clayton R. Dunlap, with second-degree murder and felony driving with a revoked license.  Dunlap has 16 prior convictions for driving while revoked, driving while suspended or operating a vehicle without a valid license. 

Dunlap was speeding along Gregory, when he came upon traffic at Northbound Higway 71.  The car hit the median, flipped and hit a line of cars stopped at Gregory and southbound 71 Highway.

Damian Slayton, who was riding in the back of the first vehicle that was struck, was pronounced dead at the scene.  His mother, Bri Kneisley, is listed in critical condition.  Two other drivers were taken to area hospitals for treatment.  Bri Kneisley is a first year English teacher at Van Horn High School.  She is part of the Teach for American Program which brings people into the classroom with significant life experience. 

Court documents indicate that police smelled an odor on Dunlap at the hospital that is consistent with PCP.

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