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Day care worker charged in abuse of 8-month-old baby

Posted on Jan 22, 2010
Jackson County prosecutors have charged a former Kansas City day care worker with third-degree assault for her alleged abuse of an eight-month-old baby.
Jacqueline Rogers is accused of hitting the baby on his ears last September because the child would not stop crying. The boy suffered swelling and bruising to his ears, causing the appearance of “cauliflower ear”, a condition most often seen in boxers and wrestlers.
Doctors told police that it appeared someone had grabbed or hit the boy’s ears causing blunt force trauma. The injuries occurred on September 18, 2009 at the Brown’s Christian Academy and Preschool at 22 East 32nd Street. It was the boys second day of care at the preschool.
According to court records, Ms. Rogers denied causing the injuries; however, prosecutors charged the 49-year-old woman with third degree assault, a class A misdemeanor.
Entrusting a child into the care of another is always difficult for parents. No matter how much care and research one puts into choosing a daycare, there is always a risk of child abuse. Every parent should know  the signs of day care abuse.
If you suspect or have evidence that your child is being abused by a babysitter or child care provider, contact the Roswald Law Group at 888-348-2616 to learn about your child’s rights.
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