Posted on Jan 18, 2011
A car chase that began around 8:25 Tuesday morning near 14th Street and Monroe led police throughout Kansas City and ended with the suspect being taken into custody at a McDonald's restaurant located at 133rd and State Line. 

Police began their pursuit because the car involved in the chase had been reported stolen on Monday in what was reported as a strong-arm robbery.  The accused led police eastbound on I-70, then south onto I-435 before heading into the Ruskin Heights neighborhood.  Icy roads and traffic did nothing to deter the accused, but he did allow a female passenger to get out at Blue Ridge Boulevard and Blue River around 8:55 a.m.  She exited the vehicle with her hands up and told police the driver was armed.  She was taken into custody and sent to an area hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries. 

The suspect then headed into residential neighborhoods in Kansas City, Missouri and Leawood, Kansas driving through back yards.  Shortly after that the driver nearly lost control of the vehicle and almost hit a parked van.  He then headed into the McDonald's at 133rd and State Line Road where police followed with guns drawn.  Customers and workers either headed out the doors or took cover while police arrested the man after about a minute inside the restaurant.  Between 10 and 20 customers were inside the McDonald's. 

During the pursuit police attempted to stop the vehicle using stop sticks, but the driver managed to avoid them as they were put into his path. 

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