Posted on Aug 10, 2010

Most of us are busy, working adults, and when we drive to work in the morning the last thing on our mind is stopping to think about simple safety measures, such as putting on our seat belts.  And one would think that seeing car accidents on the side of the road during morning rush hour traffic would reinforce the importance of these safety measures.  But for the most part, these horrible accidents become more annoying than helpful because they slow down traffic and make us late for work.  Even worse, is when these vehicles contain young children who are being dropped off at school or at a childcare center.

Unfortunately, the worst did strike a local Kansas family one morning.  A thirty-three-year-old woman was driving with her three daughters when her vehicle collided with another vehicle.  The incident occurred in Topeka, Kansas and in the county of Jefferson on July 28, 2010. 

It was only 8'o'clock in the morning when the driver, Stephanie Spencer, was sitting at the intersection of 134th Road and Meridian Road.  For whatever reason, she did not yield to oncoming traffic and was turning onto Meridian when her small 1996 Oldsmobile Ciera collided with a larger vehicle, a sport utility vehicle, SUV. 

The effects were almost instantaneous and devastating.  Stephanie Spencer and her four-year-old daughter were thrown around violently until the vehicle came to a complete stop.  Both mother and daughter required extensive medical attention in order to survive the wreck.  Neither were wearing there seat belt. 

The person operating the SUV was a twenty-seven-year-old man from Valley Falls named Robert Hutchins.  He was also rushed to the hospital to receive treatment for medical injuries, but it was reported that he was wearing his seat belt.    

But there two more victims in this case that were not anywhere near as fortunate.  The mother who caused this accident had two other daughters aged five years.  Neither of these little girls were wearing a seat belt to save them from this horrible accident.  They could not be saved. 

It goes without saying why seat belts are so important.  But if you choose not to strap your children in--even if you are just going around the corner--consider the following statistic.  For children under the age of 7 as low as 4-years-old, wearing a seat belt can reduce the risk of injury by as much as 59%.  And for children under the age of 4, the percentage is around 54%.  These statistics cannot be argued with.  

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