Posted on Aug 12, 2010
One of our own, a five-year-old boy from Kansas City, MO was hospitalized for severe wounds on the first of this month.  That day was his birthday, but he had spent the wee hours of that morning being attacked by rottweilers for an unknown amount of time. 

It was a Sunday night when the little boy's mother decided to pick up a cleaning shift in the 3500 block of Terrace Street.  At some point during the evening, the mother had fallen asleep.  It is not clear what the boy was doing during that period of time, but we do know that the mother was awakened around 2:30 in the morning to the sound of pandemonium in a nearby room. 

The mother of the victim, who chooses not to have her identity exposed, ran into the room the child was in and there she found her young son bleeding profusely with large puncture wounds all aloong the length of his body.  Immediately, she picked her child up and ran across the street for help.  She found help in Dave Haggard, a neighbor of the home she had been cleaning.  Haggard reports that he was taken aback when he first saw the woman and her injured son in the wee hours of the morning.  From his account, we know that the the mother was covered in her son's blood and the child's body had gone limp as she cradled him in her arms.  Haggard also verifies that the wounds were large and gaping enough to be apparent. 

The two adults reacted by having the child sent to Children's Mercy Hospital.  One of the attending doctors informed police officials that this boy's episode of attack by a dangerous animal was the worst he had ever seen in his career.  His injuries were extensive, but treatable.

At this time, we do not have any comment from the owner of the dogs, but friends of the owner have reported that he is upset over the incident.  His dogs were taken by police officials to be euthanized.  Community Service Department official, David Park, was the one to make the decision that these dogs should be put to sleep so that there would never be any risk of injury to another child ever again.  Part of Park's decision to do so was his viewing of  photos of the little boy's wounds, questioning the neighbors of the dog owner, and the veterinarian who cared for the dogs after the incident.  The owner believed that one of the dogs was tame and requested that it be saved, but this request was ultimately denied because that same dog had physically attacked a woman just three years ago.

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