Posted on Jun 06, 2010
Last Friday, a young girl fell off of a family trampoline and sustained a head injury.  The accident occurred in Tremont City, Ohio, and the little girl was just six years of age. With summer upon us. this is a cautionary tale for our Kansas City, Missouri residents!   
Denise Skaggs is the grandmother of the little girl, and it was on her trampoline that the incident occurred.  Skaggs has spoken openly to the media about the incident.  She recalls her granddaughter's accident well because she was keeping a close eye on the little girl as she jumped on the trampoline outside. 

From inside her home, Skaggs watched her young granddaughter's foot catch in the protective padding that covers the metal bars of the trampoline.  The quick physical disruption caused the little girl to fall forward quickly, and she landed on the ground below, suffering a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

However, the little girl was able to get up and go inside to alert her grandmother.  Skaggs explained that when her granddaughter came in to tell her, she began vomiting.  The little girl was also unable to maintain balance.  These are just two of the many signs that indicate concussions.  Concussions occur when the brain has been struck and injured.  Many children, especially those who play contact sports, are not always able to tell when they have sustained a concussion.  But concussions are serious injuries, and when they go unnoticed and untreated, they can have long term health consequences.  
Now, the little girl seems to be doing fine.  But after she came in to tell her grandmother, Skaggs called for emergency assistance.  The young girl was airlifted by Fire Department officials to Children's Medical Center in Dayton, Ohio.  There she received proper treatment and care until she was stable enough to be released.  The level of concussion was deemed mild by medical officials. 

Fortunately, the accident victim is safe, but her grandmother and the other members of her community have been impacted by the incident.  Skaggs is now speaking out about the unforeseen dangers of trampolines.  She warns all parents who are considering buying a trampoline for their children this summer to be aware, and she has gone so far as to take down her own trampoline to prevent another unforeseen accident from occurring. 

If your child is using a trampoline this summer, they should be monitored at all times.  There should always be a safety net of considerable height and strength posted up to protect your child from falling out.  You can also take steps to prevent a head injury by demonstrating safe ways to jump.  If you can teach your child how to avoid landing on their head, neck, or spinal cord area, you can prevent a life-threatening injury from occurring.

If you still want to purchase a trampoline, make sure that their have been no complaints or reports of defectivity to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  Or if your children will be jumping on one at a friend's house, be sure that the parent has all the proper safety equipment, and is not neglecting to monitor the children.  

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