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One dead, another injured in dune buggy accident

Posted on May 15, 2010
A dune buggy accident claimed the life of one man and seriously injured another Friday night in Lenexa, Ks.  The accident happened around 5:30 p.m. at a business park at 83rd Terrace and Flint Street.  According to police, the men may have been test driving a custom made dune buggy in the business park and lost control trying to make a sharp turn.  Both men, neither of whom were wearing seat belts, were thrown from the vehicle.  The driver of the vehicle was killed.  The passenger was hospitalized with critical head injuries.

Friends of the victims say at least one of the men worked at the House of Boost, a nearby auto performance shop.

“Had they been wearing a seat belt, they would have just been banged up a little bit,” said Lt. Gerry Cullumber of the Lenexa Police Department.

The Kansas personal injury and accident attorneys of the Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys wish to express our deepest sympathies for both victims in this tragic accident.

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