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The Top 20 U.S. Cities with the Most DUI Arrests

Posted on Oct 13, 2011
The website, Insurance.com recently released a report listing the cities that issue the most DUI arrests. San Diego, California tops the list in 2011. There were no cities from either Kansas or Missouri on the list.
  1. San Diego, CA.
  2. San Jose, CA.
  3. Charlotte, NC.
  4. Phoenix, AZ.
  5. Columbus, OH.
  6. Indianapolis, IN.
  7. Los Angeles, CA.
  8. San Francisco, CA.
  9. Austin, TX.
  10. Jacksonville, FL.
  11. San Antonio, TX.
  12. Dallas, TX.
  13. Houston, TX.
  14. Fort Worth, TX.
  15. Memphis, TN.
  16. Philadelphia, PA.
  17. New York, NY.
  18. Baltimore, MD.
  19. Chicago, IL.
  20. Detroit, MI.
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