Posted on May 24, 2010
The staff of Children of the Light Daycare were left quite distraught when one of the children in their care suffered  a painful burn.  Officials for the daycare are calling the incident a complete accident. 

The victim is a one-year-old little girl who lived in Clarksville, Tennessee.  The little girl, Tayana Harris, was washing her hands in a sink when scalding hot water made contact with her skin leaving her in a considerable amount of pain.  Only later was she taken to a hospital.  At Vanderbilt University Medical Center, doctors confirmed that she had sustained a third degree burn to her right hand.  Pictures of the burn confirm that she has experienced a considerable amount of sores, peeling, and discoloration on her otherwise flawless brown skin.

The parents of Tayana are not sure what to expect from the daycare, but it is reported that they are hoping for somthing.  The parents hope that Children of the Light Daycare officials take responsibility for this accident and take the necessary steps to prevent another child from suffering from this sort of situation. 

At this time, it seems that the daycare is doing just that.  They have openly acknowledged that this was an unforeseen and accidental.  However, the teacher who was attending or was supposed to be tending Tayana is still employed.  It seems that her previous responsibilities and interactions with the children have been limited for the time being.

When Tayana was first taken to the emergency room, medical officials had suspected child abuse or some sort of foul play.  The daycare has denied the possibility of child abuse with the utmost confidence.  The teachers at the daycare had known the little girl practically since her birth and the teacher that may be held responsible claims that she and the rest of the staff "loved" the little girl and all of her siblings bery much.  And Tayana's parents have yet to comment on this facet of the incident. 

Regardless of whether or not this incidence was intentional, this situation could have been prevented if someone had been keeping an eye on Tayana. 

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