Posted on Jul 08, 2010
A disagreement over who had the right of way at stop sign ended when one driver pulled a gun on another.  According to police, the incident began when two drivers were traveling in opposite directions on Nieman Road towards Johnson Drive in Shawnee, Kansas.  Both drivers thought they had the right of way and tried to turn east on  Johnson Drive.  They nearly collided, narrowly missing a crash and a heated argument began that conculded with one of the drivers pulling a gun and aiming it at the other.  The victim called the police immediately.

"Basically, each thought they had the right-of-way," said Capt. Rob Moser of the Shawnee Police Department. "They avoided a collision and from there proceeded east down Johnson Drive and a verbal altercation ensued and hand gestures followed that."

Herbert Harder, 37, was charged with felony aggravated assault in a Johnson County following the incident.

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