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The construction industry is one that’s fundamental to the economic growth of the country. Just about every infrastructure relies on the expertise of construction workers to assist with its constant growth. Still, the construction industry is a dangerous profession where workplace accidents are common. Part of what makes construction site accidents so dangerous is that workers are not the only people that can become seriously injured at or near work sites. People passing through are also at risk of harm.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our Overland Park construction site accident attorneys fight for employees and contractors injured on work sites. Our experienced lawyers explain everything you need to do for a successful claim. We demonstrate when construction site owners failed to follow federal safety regulations and local building guides. Our team works with your physicians to explain the extent of your injuries, how they affect your ability to work, and explain the scope of your pain and suffering.

Why do construction accidents happen?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports 1,008 construction workers died on the job in 2020, and have one of the highest fatal injury rates of all industries.

Construction site accidents happen for several reasons. One is the lack of protection from falling objects or a falling-from-heights accident. Construction workers consistently work in elevated work environments; because of this, they are frequently at risk of falling from heights.

Another common cause of injuries is being stuck or crushed between other objects. Construction workers operate a variety of heavy machinery, like forklifts. Some employees experience crushed limbs, hands, or feet from being stuck between a machine, wall, or another surface. Electrical accidents are also common on work sites. Construction workers are frequently exposed to electricity, whether through power tools or through working with wiring. When construction workers come into contact with exposed or faulty wires, they can be electrocuted and suffer catastrophic injuries.

What are some examples of construction site accidents?

Because construction and building companies run on tight schedules, owners and supervisors may ignore obvious safety hazards to meet deadlines. As a result, workers may be in danger of injury. Some common construction site accidents include:

  • Falling accidents. In addition to falling from ladders, construction workers are also in danger of being struck by falling objects on work sites.
  • Fires and explosions. Construction workers are exposed to various chemicals, flammable items, and potential gas leaks daily. At any point, these elements can combine and cause fires and explosions, causing severe injury or fatalities in the process.
  • Electrocutions. Construction workers can suffer serious injuries from faulty wiring, power tools, or malfunctioning equipment. The greater the electric current, the more lethal the injuries will be. Electrocution can also cause injuries like organ damage and internal bleeding.
  • Accidents involving heavy machinery. Construction workers use heavy machinery like cranes and forklifts to help transport heavy loads on and offsite. When these machines are defective or improperly maintained, construction workers can suffer serious injuries like amputations, crushed limbs, or death.
  • Slip and fall accidents. These accidents are very common on construction sites. Slippery surfaces, staircases with missing handrails, and holes in flooring can contribute to a slip and fall accident.

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What are common injuries from construction site accidents?

Serious injuries experienced by construction workers include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Limb loss and traumatic amputation
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Wrongful death
  • Burn injuries
  • Internal bleeding
  • Respiratory issues

Because these injuries are serious and often permanent, victims may require medical treatment and care for the rest of their lives. Even those with moderate injuries will want to seek medical attention immediately and gather as much evidence surrounding the incident as possible. This will assist you no matter what type of claim you decide to file.

Who is liable for my Overland Park construction site accident?

One of the primary parties that can be held liable for a construction site accident is the construction company. Just like any employer, construction companies have a legal obligation to provide a safe, hazard-free workplace for all, regardless of their employment status. Even though there are specific workplace hazards that are unique to the construction industry, companies must perform regular inspections to ensure a safe work site. If it is proven that the construction company failed to provide a safe working environment, injured workers can file several types of claims, from personal injury to workers’ compensation, depending on the circumstances of their accident.

Other potential liable parties may include the property owner, as under premises liability law, they have a legal obligation to maintain safety on their property for all guests and visitors. Property owners can take several measures to warn workers of potential safety hazards that can cause serious injury, like posting warning signs around dangerous areas. When property owners fail to perform this type of action, they can be held liable for a construction worker’s injuries.

In some cases, the manufacturer of equipment and tools can be held liable for a construction worker’s injuries. If it is proven that your injuries were the result of a defective piece of equipment, the manufacturer can be held liable under a product liability claim. This includes equipment from cranes to power tools.

How can an experienced Overland Park construction site accident lawyer help?

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our experienced lawyers investigate the accident site as soon as possible, and begin working with your physicians to show the extent of your injuries and how they’re preventing you from working and enjoying life. Let us fight for compensation on your behalf. We understand the dangers involved with construction site work, as well as operating construction vehicles and heavy equipment. We work to hold construction companies and equipment manufacturers accountable for the pain and suffering, medical expenses, and lost income caused by your injuries.

Is there a construction site accident attorney near me?

Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys has offices in Overland Park, located at 11900 College Blvd, next to Central Bank. It is available through appointment only. We also maintain additional offices throughout Kansas and Missouri for your convenience.

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