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In a perfect world, employees who are injured in the workplace would be able to place their trust into their employers and the insurance companies. Still, employers and insurance companies often make the process of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits difficult for injured employees. Even employees who suffer minor accidents do not know how the injury will affect them in the future.

Regardless of the nature of the injury, employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits after suffering from a workplace accident. However, employers and insurance companies are working only in their own best interest, which is to avoid paying as much as possible for the employee’s compensation benefits. At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our Overland Park workers’ compensation attorneys have the experience and resources to fight for you. Our track record of success for our clients speaks for itself. When employees attempt to “go it alone” against a company’s insurance agent, they will often find their claim denied or become buried in paperwork before they see a dime. Let us help.

How frequent are workplace accidents and injuries?

The International Labor Organization reports 2.3 million men and women experience workplace accidents annually. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), a worker is at risk of being injured on the job every seven seconds. A workplace injury can happen anywhere, whether at a construction site or in an office setting.

What benefits are injured Overland Park employees entitled to?

If you suffer injury in a workplace accident, you likely have a lot of questions and concerns. You may be worried about being the main breadwinner and having a significant portion of your income affected due to an injury. These situations, however, are why workers’ compensation insurance exists. Injured employees should not have to stress over meeting their financial obligations after a workplace injury.

Workers’ compensation benefits can cover many of an employee’s expenses, including:

  • Medical expenses. Depending on the nature of the injury, employees may have a variety of medical needs as a result of their injury. Some examples include physical therapy, emergency transport vehicles, surgeries, medical devices, prescriptions, and rehabilitative services.
  • Lost wages. Employees who were seriously injured will need additional time to recover and return to the best physical version of themselves. Workers’ compensation benefits can fill in the financial gap and provide some relief while the employee focuses on healing. The amount to which you may be entitled depends on a variety of factors, which our Overland Park attorneys can explain in detail at a consultation.
  • Death benefits. In the unfortunate event that an employee dies due to a workplace accident, workers’ compensation benefits can help pay for the victim’s funeral expenses. Immediate family members are also eligible to receive death benefits.

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Am I eligible for an Overland Park workers’ compensation claim?

In a way, a workers’ compensation claim is a compromise between the employee and employer. After an on-the-job injury or accident, you waive your option to sue your employer. In exchange, the employer covers the costs of your medical benefits and provides wage replacement until you are ready to return to work. For employees to file a successful workers’ compensation claim, employees are required to meet a specific criteria. The criteria includes:

  • An employee classification. Only employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Independent contractors cannot pursue workers’ compensation benefits.
  • A work-related accident. It must be proven that the employee was injured from a work-related accident and not outside the scope of employment.
  • Timely notification of the injury. It is important for employees to inform employers as soon as possible of the workplace accident. Failing to notify an employer may result in a denial of workers’ compensation benefits.
  • Injuries directly caused by the accident. It must be proven that the employee’s injuries were caused by the workplace accident and not a pre-existing injury or condition.

What are the different types of workplace accidents?

All workers in all industries are in danger of being injured at the workplace. Workplace accidents can cause a worker to experience monumental injuries like traumatic brain injuries, burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, and amputation injuries. Some of common workplace accidents include:

What are repetitive stress injuries?

Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are injuries caused by repetitive movement. These types of injuries happen when a worker performs the same type of task constantly. RSIs affect the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and tendons. Unlike a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, the pain from repetitive stress injuries build over time. Even though workers from every industry have the potential to experience repetitive stress injuries, some industries have a higher risk, including:

  • Meatpacking
  • Administrative work
  • Carpentry
  • Sales
  • Gardening
  • Retail

What is an occupational illness?

An occupational illness is a chronic illness that develops as a result of exposure to workplace hazards. These types of illnesses usually develop over a prolonged period of time. Occupational illnesses are often difficult to prevent because the nature of certain occupations are difficult to regulate. Further, by the time some conditions show symptoms, the illness may worsen or require extensive treatment to manage.

Some examples of occupational illnesses include:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Respiratory and lung diseases
  • Cardiac diseases
  • Vision loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Asbestos
  • Skin disorders

How can a skilled Overland Park workers’ compensation attorney help?

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys , our lawyers have been fighting for the rights of Overland Park workers’ compensation clients for 30 years. We understand that it only takes a single moment for an accident to change your life forever. Even if the injury is temporary, a worker could still suffer through painful rehabilitation and the loss of several months of income. We fight to help you secure the benefits to which you are entitled.

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