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Owners of for-profit and non-profit businesses have a duty to ensure shoppers, consumers, and people who have the right to use their property aren’t hurt while on the property. This duty includes the need to take proactive steps to prevent visitors from being mugged, assaulted, or attacked. Property owners also have a duty to ensure visitors don’t slip and fall, that elevator and escalator accidents don’t happen, and that defects are promptly repaired.

At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, our premises liability lawyers have been helping personal injury victims in Missouri and Kansas for 30 years. We are skilled at determining how accidents on the property of others happen, how the accidents could have been avoided, and who is responsible. When property owners fail to take steps to protect your safety, we demand compensation for all your medical expenses, your lost income, the pain and suffering you have on a daily basis, and any scarring or disfigurement you have. If a beloved relative dies to negligent security, we file wrongful death claims on behalf of the family of the decedent.

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What are some examples of negligent security?

Negligent security can happen anywhere at any type of business such as a sports stadium, a retail store, a restaurant, a gas station, or any place where people shop or use local services. Premise owners need to be especially protective of their customers at places where money may be exchanged, where valuable goods may be exchanged, or where there is a history of violent attacks.

Some of the types of events that property owners need to anticipate include:

  • Sexual assaults. These ghastly assaults may occur at hotels, motels, condominiums, hotels, and any place where people are likely to stay overnight. Sexual assaults may also occur at places where sex is part of the marketing or services such as bars and strip clubs.
  • Robberies/muggings. The owners or lessors of banks, ATMs, and cash registers need to take competent security measures to ensure customers can complete their transactions without being assaulted.
  • Physical violence. Owners should anticipate some of the places where physical attacks are most likely such as parking lots, public transportation, and other locations.

Physical attacks can occur anywhere if two or more people get into a fight. Horseplay that gets out of hand can cause a teen or young adult to accidentally run into a senior citizen causing the senior to fall and damage his or her hip or head.

Sadly, some of these negligent cases involve shootings. In the past decade, too many people have died at schools, movie complexes, and places a lot of people gather.

Who can be held liable for negligent security assaults?

When attacks or assaults occur on the property of another, there are several possible defendants:

  • The people who commit the assault or attack. In addition to filing a civil lawsuit against the defendants, often the police will file criminal charges against the defendants. We work with the police and prosecution since the criminal case usually proceeds first. We file punitive damage claims against the assailants. The major difficulty in assault cases against the assailants is that most don’t have insurance to pay your claim and even if they did, the insurance company would probably deny coverage.
  • The owners of the premises. Property owners, as discussed above, have a duty to take steps to reduce or prevent attacks. Property owners are normally liable if they have knowledge of prior attacks and failed to take safety measures. Property owners may also be liable if they should have reasonably anticipated attacks, even if there were no prior attacks on their property, due to other factors such as the neighborhood where the business is located, whether money was being exchanged, and other criteria.
  • Other defendants.
    • Lessors may be liable for negligent security depending on the terms of their lease.
    • Security staff may be liable if they failed to exercise their responsibilities.
    • A manufacturer may even be liable if security equipment was defective at the time of the attack or assault.

Property owners generally owe the people they invite onto their property and people they give permission to use their property a duty of care. Trespassers who are assaulted normally cannot file a negligent security claim.

How do our skilled Kansas City premises liability lawyers show that owners are liable for negligent security?

Our skilled Kansas City personal injury lawyers conduct extensive discovery to determine what security steps the property owners should have taken but failed to take. There are many affordable steps property owners should take to protect your safety, including:

  • Installing cameras and video equipment to record any improper activity on the premises.
  • Hiring security companies or personnel.
  • Educating the staff on safety protocols and what steps to take if attacks occur.
  • Having good lighting for parking lots and for outdoor locations.
  • Installing fences and other devices to limit access to the premises.
  • Informing users of the property where the exits are.
  • Conducting background checks on employees.
  • Reinforcing any doors on the first floor to reduce the chance of break-ins.
  • Having reporting procedures in place for victims if attacks do occur.

Our seasoned personal injury lawyers work diligently to show a property owner knew, or should have  known,  his or her property was unsafe. We employ investigators to examine the place where the accident happened and to inquire whether there are any witnesses. We question the property owners about prior incidents, their security measures, and other negligent security issues. Our lawyers also ask for any documentation of complaints by other users of the property or the police.

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Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys maintains multiple locations throughout Missouri and Kansas. Our Kansas City office is located at 510 Walnut Street, near to City Hall.

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At Kansas City Accident Injury Attorneys, we want you to receive justice for being attacked. Physical attacks can cause head trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, vision loss, and other permanent or serious injuries. Many victims of physical assaults live with a lifetime of emotional pain. Nobody should ever have to cope with being attacked while engaging in   his or her daily life. We work aggressively to show property owners were negligent in meeting their security obligations. We are admired by former clients and our peers for our ability to litigate personal injury claims.

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